Past Presentations



-National Grants Management Association 2017, Crystal City, Virginia: "De Minimis vs. NICRA: The In’s and Out’s of Indirect Cost and Creating the Structure that Works for You."


-U.S. Department of State Grant Recipient Symposium 2016, Washington D.C.: "Grants Overview: Grants Process Life Cycle, Roles & Responsibilities, How to Obtain an Award, Proposal Requirements."


-South Central Asia Program Managers Conference, Dushanbe, Tajikistan 2016: "Compliance with U.S. Federal Assistance Requirements."


-Iraq Country Program Conference 2015, Istanbul, Turkey: "Bang for your Buck: A Walk through of Grant Terms and Conditions from a New Organization Perspective."


-Iraq Country Program Conference 2012, Istanbul, Turkey: "U.S. Federal Assistance Compliance."


-U.S. Department of State Grant Recipient Symposium 2010, Washington D.C.: "Grants Compliance and Reporting."

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